5th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C, 2010)

Entrance Come let us sing for joy (Marty Haugen)
Kyrie Kyrie 2 from Community Mass (Richard Proulx)
Gloria Glory to God in the Highest (John L Bell)
Psalm Before the angels (Daniel Bath)
Gospel Acclamation Sing a New Song (John L Bell)
Preparation of the Gifts Here I am, Lord (Dan Schutte)
Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen Community Mass (Proulx)
Agnus Dei Take and Eat Communion Rite (Michael Joncas/Gary Daigle)
Communion Come to me (Martin Barry/Diane Murden)
Postcommunion Cantique de Jean Racine (Gabriel Fauré, 1845-1924)
Recessional Holy, holy, holy, Lord God almighty

Marty Haugen’s Come let us sing for joy is a hymn setting of Psalm 94(95), the source of today’s entrance antiphon. It’s a good assembly-friendly tune, though not one particularly well known to our own assembly. To make up for it, we had Dan Schutte’s well-loved Here I am, Lord at the preparation of the gifts. Ideally the verses should be sung by a cantor rather than by the whole assembly, but everyone knows it too well to be silent during the verses, and hopefully no-one is too confused about the two different voices speaking in the text.

We had two songs about the angels – our closing hymn echoing Isaiah’s vision from the first reading, and Daniel Bath’s very fine setting of the responsorial psalm, in a Gospel style tinged with African rhythmic influences.

With the beatitudes as well, in our Communion song, there was an abundance of scriptural sources for today’s music, though nothing to match the theme of unworthy discipleship which preoccupies both Isaiah and St Paul in today’s first two readings. I’m not sure I know of anything that exactly covers that angle. Suggestions?


  1. Is Daniel's piece in print or otherwise available?

  2. Hello Anonymous - Much of Daniel's music is self-published, and you can find details of how to get hold of it at Daniel's web site.

  3. Isn't unworthy discipleship in the Gospel too - 'Leave me, Lord; I am a sinful man'?
    What would the characteristics of such a text be? My guess that unworthy is possible - God of mercy & compassion; it's the combination with discipleship that is difficult.
    On a another note do I detect a use of antiphons as a primary source for Entrance and Communion over the last few weeks?

  4. Quite right about the Gospel reading. (Obviously my attention span is shorter than yours. :-))

    As for the antiphons, it's driven by repertoire rather than being a recent focus of interest. If we've got a song that fits the antiphon, I generally try and programme it, and we've struck it lucky over recent weeks. For instance, with Sunday's entrance antiphon we have a couple of good settings - Haugen's, plus one to the tune of hanaqpacap kusikuynin by one Martin Foster.

    So I don't think it's a recent conscious effort to Sing the Propers. Though perhaps prolonged exposure to the mantra in the blogosphere has worn off on me...

  5. Thanks for the reply, Martin.