15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C, 2010)

Entrance Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour
Kyrie Kyrie Eleison from Missa Ubi Caritas (Bob Hurd)
Gloria Missa Ubi Caritas (Hurd)
Psalm Ps 68 (Stephen Dean/Ian Forrester)
Gospel Acclamation Advent Gospel Acclamation (Andrew Wright), with chanted verse
Preparation of the Gifts The Servant Song (Richard Gillard)
Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen German Mass (Franz Schubert, arr. Proulx)
Agnus Dei Hurd Mass (Bob Hurd)
Communion Eat this bread (Taizé)
Postcommunion Love Divine (Howard Goodall)
Recessional Father, Lord of all creation

The second line of our opening hymn was first begotten from the dead, the title accorded to our Lord by St Paul in today’s second reading. The Gospel reading, the story of the good Samaritan, gave us several other of our musical selections, including the hymn at the Preparation of the Gifts, our recessional hymn (Give us grace to love as brothers / All whose burdens we can share) and – reflecting the love which the disconcerting lawyer reluctantly finds written in the Law – Howard Goodall’s setting of Charles Wesley’s Love Divine.

This latter is a scrumptious piece, showcasing the composer’s copious gifts as a melodist. If I were Howard Goodall’s music teacher, though, I might want to make him write it out again with all the barlines in the right place.

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