All Saints (2010)

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Entrance Holy God, we praise thy name
Kyrie Kyrie for 3 voices, adapted from Byrd (mcb)
Gloria Mass of the Creator Spirit (Ed Nowak)
Psalm Ps 23 (David Saint)
Gospel Acclamation Salisbury Alleluia (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of the Gifts Justorum Animae (Plainchant & Richard Terry, 1865-1938)
Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen Mass of Creation (Marty Haugen)
Agnus Dei Mass XVIII & Missa O Quam Gloriosum (Victoria)
Communion Come to me (Martin Barry/Diane Murden)
Postcommunion O Quam Gloriosum (T.L de Victoria, 1548-1611)
Recessional For all the saints

A musical banquet for our celebration of the feast day, including movements from Byrd’s Mass for three voices, and from Victoria’s Missa O Quam Gloriosum. In both items the people had a sung role though, with the Kyrie adapted for responsorial use in the third form of the Penitential Rite, and the Agnus Dei flanked by the first and last lines of the plainchant Mass XVIII.

Richard Terry’s Justorum Animae strikes a very different tone from all the serene polyphony, with the baritone solo (beautifully sung tutti by the men of the choir) loaded with brooding Romantic expression. The choral ending on the words illi autem sunt in pace (for they are in peace), complete with gentle treble solo, brought us back to serenity.

We preceded Terry’s setting with the same lines sung to plainchant from the Graduale, sung this time by the women of the choir.

All that and the Mass of Creation too… To my mind, it’s important to programme a range of musical styles and genres: not just in the hope that everybody present might find something which speaks to them in the language of prayer, but also as a way to gently encourage people to find prayer in music which they might have found alienating if served up as an exclusive diet. All are welcome.


  1. Thank you so much for the music that you provide on Sunday and for the dedication that precedes it. I spend many months abroad but whenever I am in the UK I travel a great distance each Sunday just to wallow in the rich ,spiritual and uplifting backdrop that you give to us, I have been moved to tears on more than one occasion. I am even planning my own funeral music from your repertoire- though I sincerely hope I won't need it for many years yet. I always linger for the superb finale provided by your gifted organist...
    Last week I went to St Anne's in Leeds(no comparisons drawn)but will be back this week -you perhaps don't realise just how much people anticipate what you give us ......sincere thanks!!

  2. Thank you, Gerard, for those thoroughly kind words. It makes a real difference to be told that we're hitting the right spot. I hope you can keep on visiting the Cathedral for a long time to come.

  3. Awesome post-Communion 'The Lord's My Shepherd'- Rutter?

  4. That's right - thank you! There were lots of gremlins at work in the production of today's (i.e. 32nd Sunday) congregational booklet, including the Rutter piece getting mixed up with the hymn The Lord's my shepherd. But hopefully it sounded good in spite of so many wrong things appearing in the booklet!