Rite of Election (2012)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Opening Hymn The Church’s one foundation
Responsorial Psalm God of hosts, bring us back (Sue Furlong)
Gospel Acclamation Praise to you, O Christ (James Walsh)
Enrolment How lovely is your dwelling place (Paul Wellicome)
After the Election of the Catechumens Who calls you by name (David Haas)
Welcome of Candidates In the Lord is my true salvation (Inwood/Berthier)
After Welcome of Candidates All things bright and beautiful (John Rutter)
Prayers of Intercession Lord in your mercy (John Bell)
Recessional Hymn Thanks be to God (Stephen Dean)

It was a special treat for the choir today to have one of our number among the candidates for reception into the Church at Easter. For the two long processions, respectively of catechumens and candidates, we had Paul Wellicome’s gentle setting of Ps 83(84) and Paul Inwood’s reworked (and I think improved) text for the Taizé refrain In the Lord.

Five minutes’ rehearsal with the assembly before the celebration began meant that Stephen Dean’s hymn of thanksgiving – not nearly as well-known as it ought to be – was sung heartily at its end.


  1. Inwood's translation of the Catalan text in fact came first, almost as soon as the piece had been written, well before the subsequent (and, as you say, inferior) Taizé translation, which was itself reworked by Taizé a few years later but which still does not follow the Catalan original.

  2. Thanks, that explains it. Credit to the editor of Celebration Hymnal for Everyone for keeping the Inwood version in and not just going with the 'official' version.

  3. I wasn't present for this but I have fond memories of 'Thanks be to God' being sung at the end of the Chrism Mass a few years ago. It was very exuberant despite most people not having heard of the hymn prior to the rehearsal at the beginning. How long has the hymn been around for?

  4. Thanks, Philip. By the look of this sample from the publisher, it first came out in 1994.