The Ascension of the Lord (2013)

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Entrance New Praises be given
Gloria Glory to God (Peter Jones)
Psalm Ps 46 (Shaun MacCarthy)
Gospel Acclamation Easter Gospel Acclamation (Brian Luckner)
Preparation of the Gifts Ascendo ad Patrem (G.P. da Palestrina, 1525-1594)
Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen Spring Sanctus (mcb)
Agnus Dei from No Greater Love (Michael Joncas)
Communion Confitemini Domino (Taiz√©) & Ps 117(118) (Laurence Bévenot)
Postcommunion Haec Dies (Lodovico da Viadana, c. 1560-1627)
Recessional Alleluia, sing to Jesus

Viadana’s boisterous rendition of the Eastertide antiphon This is the day begins in the tranquility of chant. So does this version, though with rather different effect. (And to my ear that’s ska rather than punk.)

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