3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A, 2014)

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Entrance Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Kyrie Kyrie for 3 voices adapted from Byrd (mcb)
Gloria Mass of the Redeemer (mcb)
Psalm Ps 26 (Paul Inwood)
Gospel Acclamation Here in our Midst (Peter Jones)
Preparation of the Gifts Cantate Domino (Giuseppe Pitoni, 1657-1743)
Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen Belmont Mass (Christopher Walker)
Agnus Dei from Beneath the Tree of Life (Marty Haugen)
Communion The Lord is my light (Marty Haugen)
Postcommunion O Nata Lux (Thomas Tallis, c.1505-1585)
Recessional Forth in the peace of Christ we go

The first reading, psalm, Gospel reading and one of the Communion antiphons all made reference in some way to the Lord, our light. In addition to Paul Inwood’s setting of Ps 26(27), we had Marty Haugen’s paraphrase of the same text.

We also had Tallis’s setting of the office hymn for Lauds of the feast of the Transfiguration:

O Light born of Light,
Jesus, redeemer of the world,
with kindness deign to receive
the praise and prayer of supplicants.
You who once deigned to be clothed in flesh
for the sake of the lost,
grant us to be made members
of your blessed body.

Tallis’s bold harmonic language throws up repeated discords in passing – F♯ against F♮, E♭ against D – each providing fleeting glimpses of a light too dazzling to look at directly.

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