29th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A, 2014)

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Entrance O God beyond all praising (Perry/Holst)
Kyrie Mass of the Creator Spirit (Ed Nowak)
Gloria Mass of the Most Sacred Heart (Jacob Bancks)
Psalm Ps 95 (Simon Reynolds)
Gospel Acclamation Salisbury Alleluia (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of the Gifts Be still and know that I am God
Sanctus, Acclamation, Amen Mass of the Redeemer (mcb)
Agnus Dei Mass of the Creator Spirit
Communion Turn to me (John Foley)
Postcommunion Ab ortu solis (William Byrd, c.1540-1623)
Recessional Holy God, we praise thy name

As three years ago, multiple references to the rising and setting of the sun, in the first reading, the Eucharistic Prayer and our Postcommunion motet. There’s one I missed last time round, which struck me this time as we sang our closing hymn — in the third verse’s

And from morn to set of sun
through the Church the song goes on

though, ironically, this image isn’t to be found in the Te Deum which the hymn paraphrases. There it’s per orbem terrarum (that is, ‘The holy Church throughout all the world doth acknowledge thee’) rather than ab ortu solis usque ad occasum. But it all fitted together pleasingly.

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