6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A, 2017)

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Entrance Christ is made the sure foundation
Kyrie Kyrie II from Paschal Mass (Alan Rees)
Gloria Mass of the Most Sacred Heart (Jacob Bancks)
Psalm Ps 118 (Martin Hall)
Gospel Acclamation Salisbury Alleluia (Christopher Walker)
Preparation of the Gifts Eye has not seen (Marty Haugen)
Sanctus, Acclamation B, Amen Bede Acclamations (Martin Foster)
Agnus Dei Paschal Mass (Alan Rees)
Communion Teach me, O God (Christopher Walker)
Postcommunion Tantum Ergo (Maurice Duruflé, 1902-1986)
Recessional O Jesus, I have promised

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