15th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A, 2017)

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Entrance Sing we of the blessed Mother
Gloria Glory to God (Peter Jones)
Psalm The Almighty Works Marvels (Josephine Cheong)
Gospel Acclamation Gospel Greeting (Peter Jones)
Preparation of the Gifts Ave Maris Stella (chant)
We Assembled Here Today
Sanctus, Acclamation B, Amen Mass of Christ the Saviour (Dan Schutte)
Agnus Dei Lamb of God II (mcb)
Communion Magnificat (Peter Jones)
Postcommunion Ave Maria (Edward Elgar, 1857-1934)
Recessional Salve Regina (chant)
Hail Queen of Heaven

Technically, Sundays in Ordinary Time take precedence over Marian feast days, but 16 July is the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the principal patron of Salford Diocese, and my instructions, rightly or wrongly, were to celebrate the feast. I think we kept on the right side of liturgical law, sort of, by retaining the readings for the Sunday, and Fr Joe’s excellent homily wove Marian themes into the parable of the sower from today’s Gospel.

The musical fare was a good mix of old and new, I thought, including at the preparation of the gifts a hymn that folks round here seem to know from of old, but can’t be found in hymn books. It was requested by two members of the Cathedral parish, and I promised to oblige if they would record themselves singing it for me. They did (thank you, Pat and Karen!), so I knocked up an arrangement in short order. It turned out that Anthony had done the same thing a few years ago for a nearby parish, and it was interesting to compare harmonic ideas.

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