Anniversary of the Manchester Arena Bombing

Tuesday of Week 7 in Ordinary Time (2018)

22 May 2018

Entrance All my hope on God is founded
Kyrie Jones
Psalm Because the Lord is my shepherd (Christopher Walker)
Gospel Acclamation St Agatha Alleluia (mcb)
Preparation of the Gifts God be in my head (Philip Wilby, 1949-)
Sanctus, Acclamation B, Amen Mass of Creation (Marty Haugen)
Agnus Dei Jones
Communion Do not be afraid (Philip Stopford, 1977-)
Recessional Thine be the glory

No doubt about it, the Holy Spirit had a (playful) hand in my choice of music for tonight’s thoughtful commemoration of Manchester’s tragedy and resilience. It took someone else to point out to me the bee theme: God be in my head, Do not be afraid, Thine be the glory and (cough) Because the Lord is my shepherd. (Yes, yes, and Memorial Acclamation B.) The whole event was reflective and prayerful, concluding (as we did last year) with a hymn celebrating Christ’s triumph over death.

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