Vigil Mass of The Ascension (Year B, 2018)

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Entrance Praise him as he mounts the skies
Gloria Psallite
Psalm Ps 46 (Dean)
Gospel Acclamation Easter Gospel Acclamation (O Filii) (Luckner)
Preparation of the Gifts Viri Galilei (William Byrd, c. 1540-1623)
Sanctus, Acclamation A, Amen Spring Sanctus (mcb)
Communion Do not be afraid (Philip Stopford)
Recessional L’Ascension (Olivier Messiaen 1908-1992) (organ)

The Cathedral Sunday evening Mass moved to Saturday evening a few months ago, and it was decided to follow the same pattern of a Vigil Mass on feast days too. Tonight was the first time the choir slotted into this new regime. With Mass starting at 5.30 pm, there was no time for more than a few minutes’ preparation, but the small band of singers (I think there were seven of us) had no trouble giving an exuberant rendition of the opening section for five voices of Byrd’s setting of the Introit. As well as that, we had a first outing for Philip Stopford’s lovely reworking of Gerald Markland’s hymn text.

It’s always fun to sing in the Cathedral with a very small congregation, so tonight fitted the bill. I kept the music list fairly short, but with our usual trademark mix of old and new.


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